FilmRise has teamed up with Tia Mowry and entertainment company Kin on the new reality cooking show Not Like Mama.

The original program features a new spin on cooking challenges. In each episode, a family member is put to the test: to prepare their matriarch/patriarch’s “family recipe” to perfection. The series is hosted by Mowry and co-hosted by singer-songwriter and talk show host, Terrell Grice.

FilmRise’s Danny Fisher and Max Einhorn serve as executive producers, along with Tia Mowry, Michael Wayne, Ashley DiGiacomo, and Paul Croce.

FilmRise has also acquired the worldwide AVOD and FAST rights to 80 episodes of hit YouTube series Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix, a Kin Original Series, for the FilmRise Streaming Network. The series features Tia’s game-changing life hacks, cooking challenges, and vlogs with her family.

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