The governor of Mexican state Jalisco, Enrique Alfaro Ramírez, held a presentation on Tuesday, during Content Americas, to detail his public policy Filma Jalisco.

For this project, the state has a fund of 13.2 million dollars (MDD) to be invested in different economic incentives such as cash rebates, payroll tax exemption, support in venture capital and script-writing development. The initiative will also offer personalized attention to productions, with the management of permits, catalog of locations, links with public and private entities, directory of professionals and service providers, and management of economic incentives.

In addition, Ramirez announced the creation of Filma Academy, focused on the training of specialized professionals for film and TV crews, and the Film Professionals Network, a set of on-site and online courses and trainee programs in production and scriptwriting.

Jalisco currently ranks 2nd nationally in audiovisual and film production, and the 2nd most sought after location in Latin America, according to the Statistical Yearbook of Mexican Cinema 2022.

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