Kids’ entertainment creator TeamTO is opening a new, cutting-edge studio in Paris. Located in the Bastille area, the studio will feature a host of energy saving and green protocols, significantly reducing its carbon footprint and making it one of the most energy-efficient studios in France. The studio marks the culmination of fifteen years of research and experimentation initiated by founder Guillaume Hellouin (pictured) and implemented by CTO Jean-Baptiste Spieser and his technical team.

Green initiatives for the new studio include: choosing the location based on the commuting distances and access of its 200+ employees to reduce travel; using only recycled wood in the construction; green areas that require minimal water while providing bird and insect ecosystems; hot-fridge systems in place of microwaves; low-energy, free cooling ventilation; 100% renewable energy; extending the use of workstations (6 years) and servers (10 years); and a data-center enhanced by an AI-based open source management software. Together, these cutting-edge technologies and policies will reduce the studio’s carbon footprint by 63 percent.

In 2012 TeamTO received UNESCO recognition for Plankton Invasion, an animated satire on global warming for teenagers & young adults. During the production of the series TeamTO developed the first carbon footprint calculator for animation. Currently, TeamtTO’S CTO Jean-Baptiste Spieser and his team are working with AnimFrance and La Cartouch Verte to create an updated animation carbon footprint calculator for the industry.

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