Nippon TV has added three new titles to its offerings: scripted suspense dramedy series Love with a Case, scripted drama series Home Tutor, and new game show format Time Potion.

From the creators of Nippon TV’s hit drama series Mother, dramedy Love with a Case follows four members of the police who actually have no rights to investigate cases, but somehow solve complex cases with unconventional perception and deductive reasoning.

In Home Tutor, a peculiar tutor guides her students in unique ways, teaching them to use their money wisely in order to survive the world’s harsh reality.

In exhilarating game show format Time Potion time is the ultimate ruler and contestants must fight across three stages while their “life” starts to tick away. Bottles containing a “time potion” are scattered around in the game universe and upon achieving a challenge, the contestants win the chance to drink the potion, which will extend their game survival time.

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