ItaliaNFT will auction the unpublished movie of the kiss between Liz Taylor and Richard Burton during the filming of 1962 movie Cleopatra.

On June 18, 1962, Marcello Geppetti caught Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton kissing on a motorboat in Ischia. The photo Geppetti took caused a storm in the private and public lives of the two actors.

The Marcello Geppetti Media Company used original negatives and morphing techniques to turn the kiss sequence into a movie in NFT format. The NFT will be available for auction on June 18, 2022.

Achille Minerva, CEO and founder of ItaliaNFT, remarked, “The rebirth of the infamous kiss in NFT video is a historic moment not only for the world of non-fungible tokens but for all the Made In Italy because it states once and for all the potential of the NFT in giving new life to the artistic and cultural heritage present in our country.”

Minerva added, “The quality and historical meaning of Marcello Geppetti’s photos, the advances in computer graphics technology and the inviolability guaranteed by a granite platform based on Blockchain represent a winning model to bring the excellence of this type in the new era of digital value.”  

Photo credit: Marcello Geppetti

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