Calinos Entertainment exports Turkish series, movies, and television programs within the international market.

Set in 1940 in Zonguldak, drama Lawless Love (pictured) portrays how the relationship between the Davut and Gulfem begins with hate, but it eventually turns into something else.

Romance Yesilcam finds Semih Ateş pursuing his two goals: to make a blockbuster movie without losing his new company, and to win back his unforgettable ex-wife, famous actress Mine Cansu.

Romantic drama Deeply portrays Deniz and Barış’s unbridled love story, which is sometimes sunny, sometimes stormy, sometimes possible, often impossible.

In drama series Adela, one day Adela’s biological grandfather decides to repair his past mistakes. In doing so, Adela’s secret identity will be revealed.

Romantic drama Forbidden Fruit follows two sisters Yıldız and Zeynep. Their lives take an unexpected turn when socialite Ender asks Yildiz to seduce her husband Halit so that she can get a divorce without losing her position in high society.

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