Vision Films, a worldwide distributor of independent entertainment, oversees a library of feature films, documentaries, TV series, and music programming.

The company’s roster includes No Name & Dynamite, a Spaghetti-style Western that features ruthless bounty hunters No Name and Dynamite Davenport as they shoot their way through the Wild West. With the outlaw John Wilkes Booth on the run and gold hidden in the hills, justice must be served. 

In comedy The American King (pictured), a High Priestess arrives to fulfill a 400-year-old prophecy and chooses a troublemaking American to become the King of Africa. Can the new king save his country and make Africa great again?

A female Tango dancer asks a Jewish Rabbi to enter a dance competition in comedy Tango Shalom, but there’s one big problem. Due to his orthodox beliefs, he’s not allowed to touch her! As he develops a plan to enter the competition without sacrificing his faith, the bonds of family, tolerance, and community are tested one dazzling dance step at a time. 

Rumba Love follows a rumba singer who leaves Havana for New York to chase his destiny and the love of his life. When success seems out of reach, he relies on his unwavering determination to maintain his faith in a dream. 

Becoming the GOAT: The Tom Brady Story shares the backstory of how this champion rose to the top from his childhood friends, school teammates, coaches, and fellow NFL players.

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