SeriesFest teamed up with the watch party app and virtual event platform Kast for the Season Six edition of the virtual festival dedicated to the art of episodic storytelling.

SeriesFest Season Six will take place from June 18-24, 2020. It will feature competition screenings, panel discussions, workshops, sneak peeks, and television premieres. Kast will produce the festival’s Opening Night Reception, the Late Night Comedy Party, the Closing Night Party, and the Festival “Lounge Rooms,” where delegates can create their own party rooms to invite friends and business colleagues.

Mark Ollila, CEO of Kast, remarked, “The longer term effects on festivals and conferences due to the Pandemic are leading organizations to revamp their program schedules as they adjust to business life in 2020 and beyond. Above all, SeriesFest is looking to Kast to also provide elements that will make their festival a more engaging and memorable virtual experience.”

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