The most interesting aspect about the new, upcoming U.S. TV season is that the industry rushed in scheduling both the Upfronts in New York City and the L.A. Screenings.

VideoAge had access to a complete broadcast Upfronts calendar as early as February 24, 2022, and the U.S. studios began sending “save the date” notes to international buyers soon after, leaving some of the buyers perplexed — especially those who had not yet scheduled future trade show participation.

In the past, the trade media wouldn’t have been able to report such news until the end of March/beginning of April. This year, the L.A. Screenings calendar became available as early as March 1.

The main reasons for this speedy development, which is atypical for the studios, could be attributed to the fact that the L.A. Screenings were canceled two years in a row, and that studio executives needed a way to reconnect with buyers face to face.

Plus, there’s the fact that the studios will not be fully participating at MIPTV, thus enhancing their resolve to meet buyers in their own backyards, or better yet, their own studio lots.

Then there’s the fact that studios still need the revenue from the international TV sector to monetize their broadcast productions, since it was discovered that new, untested broadcast series did not bring new subscribers to their streaming platforms. Their value to studios’ streaming platforms only becomes apparent after the broadcast has become familiar to consumers.

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