Multicom Entertainment Group represents a catalog of diverse content as well as curated channels.

The Archive is dedicated to folks who love rare, retro, and 4K-restored films and classic TV. The Grapevine features hundreds of documentaries, specials, and unscripted series, covering topics including food, travel, politics, pop culture, crime, current events, and social issues.

Biographical drama Remarkable Life of John Weld (pictured) tells the true story of John Weld, who went from a stuntman during Hollywood’s golden era to a journalist and novelist. Historical period drama A Woman Called Moses relates how escaped slave Harriet Tubman risked recapture each day by organizing the Underground Railroad, which allowed hundreds of enslaved African Americans to escape to freedom in the North.

Blood 13 is a high-octane thriller about a reckless female detective who faces a gruesome crime scene in a basement bathroom during a murder investigation. When a fellow detective insists that her case is part of a larger serial killing spree, she puts herself in the killer’s sights to bring him to justice.

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