Viacom Digital Studios International (VDSI), the international arm of Viacom’s digital studio production business, has inked a multi-territory worldwide partnership agreement with Facebook to produce short-form content for Facebook Watch. VDSI is producing content for Facebook Watch audiences in the Americas and Asia, as well as the U.K., Germany, Spain, and France. The content in the Americas and Asia is being created as part of Facebook Watch’s latest program that pairs publishers with local public figures, bringing exclusive new videos to the platform. In the U.K., videos will be created by VDSI in partnership with MTV U.K., bringing spin-offs and digital short-form access to some of the network’s linear series. U.K. productions include More Love and More Lies and JTOU: What Was I Inking? (working title). Productions in the Americas include Useless Life-Hacks and Na Quebrada. And Asian productions include 5 in 5 and The Ride.

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