Brazilian network Record TV crosses the Atlantic to arrive at the Palais with a slate of products that includes telenovelas, Biblical series, and documentaries.

Jezebel (Jezabel) follows a Phoenician princess who uses her beauty to seduce King Ahab and marry him so that she will become queen (pictured). Contemporary telenovela Topíssima portrays the struggles of the modern workplace when it comes to balancing work versus romance, independence against solitude, parenthood or a career.

Jesus (Jesús) relates the fascinating story of Jesus, beginning before he was born in rural Nazareth, and shares the accounts of several of the men and women who were touched by his mission. HD series Leah (Lea) depicts its titular character, who, at the age of eight, loses her mother during her sister Rachel’s birth, and must care for her baby sibling. Later, Leah falls in love with Jacob, who prefers Rachel instead, and surprisingly marries him.

Apocalypse (Apocalipsis) is a tale that spans generations to chronicle the End of Times. It begins in 1980s New York, where four university students meet, and develops into a present-day rivalry between a prestigious scientist and his nemesis, who has set his mind on world domination. Stand P-1.K63

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