Hat Trick International secured the global sale of Cristiano Ronaldo Meets Piers Morgan with broadcasters.

Produced by Plum Pictures for ITV1, the one-hour special records when Morgan meets the sports star in Turin, Italy, where the two discuss Ronaldo’s life, his humble beginnings, and more. International broadcasters that have picked up the interview include RTP1 in Portugal, #Vamos de Movistar+ in Spain, TV2 in Denmark, Channel in Iceland, MTV in Finland, TV2 in Norway, TV4 in Sweden, Medialaan in Belgium, BNNVARA in Holland, Virgin Media Television in Ireland, and Manoto in Iran.

Sarah Tong, director of Sales at Hat Trick International, stated, “Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably one of the most famous footballers of our time. Therefore, it is no surprise that his frank and emotional exclusive interview, with well-known UK broadcaster Piers Morgan, is a hot property.”

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