PBS member station VPM, based in Richmond, Virginia, commissioned MY Entertainment to produce Legacy List with Matt Paxton.

Produced in partnership with Shipyard Entertainment, Legacy List explores the memories, histories, and hidden treasures that are found in family homes. The series will be distributed by American Public Television with Kew Media Distribution handling international sales.

Michael Yudin, founder and CEO of MY Entertainment, stated, “MYE continues to look for new business models and relationships to help it succeed in the new-media environment – and we’ve found the perfect partner in WCVE, which not only has a clear vision of the future of public broadcasting, but is well on the way to realizing it. As one of the few US producers that’s as embedded in the international market as we are in our home territory, all our instincts tell us that Legacy List with Matt Paxton has the makings of a worldwide hit.”

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