From Italy, Rainbow presents a fun variety of animated children’s and young adult entertainment in France. 44 Cats (pictured) tells of the feline adventures of a group of cat musicians who are confused by the world of humans. In the magical Fairy Tale Land, Rose Cinderella and her friends must learn to balance school and family drama in the Regal Academy. In Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends, the two title characters meet at the Milan Fashion Academy, where they soon learn what it takes to be one another’s friend. In Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends Season 3, Maggie and Bianca must decide whether they are ready to leave Milan for the United States and continue their adventures stateside. The two TV movie specials of Maggie & Bianca Fashion Friends find the two young girls in a few dilemmas: Maggie and Bianca must fight to keep their home, investigate a school catastrophe, and help their father with a Paris trip.

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