Turkey’s Inter Medya is offering a versatile slate, from dramas to game shows. Mrs. Fazilet and her Daughters follows Mrs. Fazilet, whose lifelong dream is to become rich and famous, as she attempts to use the beauty of her daughter, Ece, to realize these dreams but is stopped by her eldest, Hazan. Studio-based quiz show Money Monster gives competitors the chance to win the money they manage to count after each correct answer. In game show 1 vs. 10, contestants are asked 10 questions. They need to pick another contestant to answer one of them. The Tactic is an endurance reality show where two teams composed of 10 contestants must compete against each other in a challenging natural environment. Dramedy Hayat – Ask Laftan Anlamaz (pictured) chronicles the lives of Murat and Hayat. The two must learn to tolerate each other regardless of their differences, and it may work out better than imagined.

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