TABI Channel, the travel and lifestyle brand operated in Japan by Turner Asia Pacific, has won the Grand Award at the 4K Tokushima Movie Festival for its original production Biei, Hokkaido: Seasons in Color. The series was filmed entirely on location in the town of Biei in Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido, using 4K cameras by Hajime Yamazaki, a video-artist who resides in the village. It was first broadcast on TABI Channel in May 2016 and is narrated by Japanese actress Umika Kawashima. The 4K Tokushima Movie Festival 2016 (November 25-27) was held in the town of Kamiyama, and is making a name for itself through its work with 4K-related companies and associated technologies. The full list of this year’s winners is featured here.

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