ATF Market Report: Full Steam Ahead

Singapore is a crossroad for all of South East Asia (SEA). This is in addition to its identity as SEA’s financial hub. And, with the Asia TV Forum (ATF) being (…)

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The Year 2019 Is Finally the Year For 4K and HDR

Here we are fast approaching the end of 2018 and anticipating what next year will hold for us all.

For this writer specifically, it means predicting whether or not 2019 will (…)

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The Power of Print: The ‘Asia-Pacific Publication’ Test

In the past, VideoAge‘s staff in New York City used to receive a great TV technology publication: Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB), which is edited by Shawn Liew and published (for the (…)

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UGV For Viewers Who Watch Network TV

Television programmers are discovering a new resource for content: Their viewers.  User Generated Video (UGV) is fast becoming the primary form of original content, not only for television but also (…)

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DISCOP’s Quick Response: ‘We Will Only Hold Two DISCOP Markets In Africa’

Patrick Zuchowicki, DISCOP‘s CEO, responded to the December 10 edition of VideoAge‘s Water Cooler to “to highlight a few decisions that were taken recently.”

Among the changes, Zuchowicki reported, were the (…)

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Two DISCOPs in Africa Are Too Much

The general consensus about last month’s DISCOP Johannesburg was that participation seemed somewhat diluted due to the frequency of its sister markets — suggesting that future market dates will have (…)

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Orlando Corradi, 1940- 2018

Last month, the entertainment industry lost a major producer and distributor of animated film and TV content, when Orlando Corradi, founder of Rome-based Mondo TV, died following a prolonged illness. (…)

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Canada Opens To More Multilingual TV

Later this month, the CRTC, Canada’s broadcast regulatory authority, will hold four days of public hearings to determine which one of a handful of applications will be awarded a special TV license to operate a multilingual TV (…)

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MIP Cancun Reaches Maturity at Age Five

“Better than expected, and better than last year,” is how A+E’s Helen Jurado summarized the 5th edition of MIP Cancun, the recently concluded TV market focusing on LATAM, which was (…)

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Richard Milnes in the NATPE Hall of Fame Issue

London-born TV veteran Richard Milnes is VideoAge‘s International Hall of Fame honoree in its NATPE Miami 2019 edition. Milnes is the third Briton to be featured out of 29 TV (…)

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