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December 2017

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The Brian McGrath Story Entwined With Viacom, Coca-Cola, Sports and Universal

James Brian McGrath (known as Brian to most) entered the television business in 1970, a year before the company he joined, a spinoff of CBS Syndication and CBS Cable, became (…)

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December 2017

What’s this obsession with getting attendance figures after markets? It’s the business of buying and selling content that really counts — not the fact that 13,900 people were there, instead of the necessary 8,000. Because, as the saying goes, two is company; three’s a crowd.


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NATPE Miami To Tackle a Rapidly Changing World

The theme of this upcoming NATPE Miami market, the 38th in the association’s 54-year history, is “A Changing Industry in a Changing World,” and even though it is appropriate, it (…)

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How TV Giants Are Made: David Letterman’s Fall and Rise to Late Night

Among the recent class of late-night TV talk show lightweights in the U.S., which include such names as Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers, David Letterman stands as the closing act (…)

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Singapore: ASEAN Media Hub Stages Four Events Around ATF

This year, the 10 countries of the ASEAN community are celebrating their 50th anniversary. Member state Singapore staged several celebratory events during the months of July, August and October, and (…)

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