Asia TV Forum 2017

ALL3MEDIA International – Stand K08

The Miniaturist (drama series)
Set in 17th-century Amsterdam, this thriller tells the story of a house haunted by forbidden passions and dangerous secrets.

Liar (crime drama series) (pictured)
Laura, a single mother and schoolteacher, goes out on a date with a distinguished surgeon named Andrew, whom she subsequently accuses of rape.

The Sticky Truth About Sugar (documentary series)
Journalist Fiona Phillips explores the health benefits and risks of sugar in an effort to discover how the white substance actually affects the body.

Operation Vincent (factual entertainment)
A story of art and theft is told when two priceless masterpieces are looted from the Van Gogh Museum.

Letterbox (game show format)
Pairs of contestants are tasked with cracking a series of passwords, with a substantial cash prize as the reward.

24 Hours to Hell and Back (unscripted series)
Gordon Ramsay goes through hell to make over failing restaurants and bring them back to life as lively businesses.

Undercover Boss (unscripted format)
Corporate executives go undercover at their own companies, learning lessons on how to lead in the process.


BabyRiki (edutainment series) (pictured)
These musical stories engage preschoolers by offering lessons to help them develop physical and cognitive skills.

KikoRiki (edutainment series)
This series of fun stories has colorful elements that teach children about cooperation, creativity, self-acceptance and communication.

PinCode (edutainment series)
The cast of KikoRiki is all grown up and goes on unique adventures in search of scientific knowledge.


Queens (period drama series))
The story of the royal rivalry between Mary Stuart of Scotland and Elizabeth I of England, who fought for supremacy against one another, and also against Phillip II of France.

Firefly (dramedy series)
A charming divorce attorney named Baris and a taxicab driver named Asli cross paths when Baris hires Asli to be his chauffeur. Asli believes that Baris’ cousin hit Asli’s niece with a car that left her niece disabled.

Hope (drama series) (pictured)
Ozan, a man who once felt that life had no meaning, sees things in a new way when he finds out that he has a daughter who lives with leukemia.

Bitter Sweet (dramedy series)
As she earns a culinary degree, Nazli works as a cook for businessman Ferit. When they meet outside the home, sparks fly.

Heartbeat (medical drama series)
Ali met Eylul when he was a high school teacher at her school. They meet again 12 years later, when Eylul is a brilliant neurosurgeon facing discrimination in the workplace.

Golden Horde (period drama series)
Prince Yaroslav dreams of uniting the Russian principalities, but is betrayed by his blood brother Boris, and Boris’ son, Vladimir. In addition, Yaroslav’s marriage is put in jeopardy when he meets the charmer Nargiz.

Black Pearl (drama series)
Two lovers, Hazal and Kenan, thought they would spend their lives together. However, their happy fantasy is shaken when Vural, the son of a wealthy family, tries to win Hazal’s heart.


My Korean Jagiya (romantic comedy series) (pictured)
Gia, a super-fan of Korean dramas, meets and falls in love with her favorite Korean actor.

Angela (fantasy drama series)
Two half-sisters, Angela and Lucille, possess opposite superpowers — one has the power to heal, while the other has the power to harm.

My Teacher, My Hero (fantasy adventure series)
Evil creatures attack a clumsy schoolteacher, who then gains fantastical abilities and becomes a super heroine.

Impostora (drama series)
After injuring her neighbor, Nimfa, a woman born with a disfigured face, is forced to go on the run. She undergoes facial reconstruction surgery to assume a new identity.

A Woman Scorned (drama series)
After her husband’s infidelity with an ex-friend, Emma, once a reserved housewife, reinvents herself as a prosperous businesswoman.

My Love from the Star (romantic comedy series)
An alien, stranded on Earth since the 16th century and disguised as a college professor, falls in love with a present-day celebrity.

Bow of Justice 2 (fantasy adventure series)
Pepe is on a vigilante quest to find his mother, who was thought to be dead after an attack on his family. His goal is to expose a government conspiracy corrupting society.


Endless Love (drama series) (pictured)
Kemal and Nehan come from two different worlds — one is middle-class, while the other is rich.

Broken Wings (family drama series)
A family is left in poverty following a father’s death. Nefise will have to take care of her children by herself.

Mrs. Fazilet and Her Daughters (drama series)
Mrs. Fazilet attempts to use the beauty of her daughter, Ece, to become rich and famous.

Money Monster (game show format)
Competitors have the chance to nab the money they manage to count after each correct answer. To win the money, the contestants must remember the exact amount they count.

Hayat, Ask Laftan Anlamaz (drama series)
This drama chronicles the lives of Murat and Hayat. The two must learn to tolerate each other despite their differences.

KANAL D – Stand J20

Flames of Desire (family drama series)
Bayram and Salih plan to marry their children to each other. However, the children have already found love elsewhere, making it harder to make good on the deal.

Love Of My Life (romantic drama series) (pictured)
Gokce Senkal is searching for love. Surrounded by her two sisters who’ve never had trouble coupling up, Gokce deals with the troubles of being single.

Matter of Respect (family drama series)
After moving to Istanbul, the two sons of the Kiliç family attempt to avenge their father’s suicide.

Secrets (family drama series)
When Kemal and Leyla’s son is kidnapped, they hire a former police officer who discovers that the case is much larger than it seems.

Tales Of Innocence (drama series)
An accident on a rainy night changes the lives of three people in a story of crime, power and revenge.

War of the Roses (romantic drama series)
As children, Gülru admired Gulfem, the daughter of the owner of the mansion where her father worked. When she becomes an adult, Gülru meets Gulfem’s ex-lover and faces antagonism.

Wounded Love (romantic drama series)
This drama tells the intertwined tales of a devoted, yet struggling mother, a hero fated to watch his family’s fall, a father carrying dangerous secrets, and a man forced to watch his beloved wither away.


Belaventura (soap opera) (pictured)
Set in Belaventura, a 15th century region at war due to a territorial dispute, the series follows the lives of Pietra, a plebe, and Enrico, a rich heir.

The Rich and Lazarus (El Rico y Lázaro) (soap opera)
A romantic drama between three inseparable childhood best friends.

The Promised Land (La Tierra Prometida) (soap opera)
Newly appointed leader of the Hebrews, Joshua is an experienced warrior gifted with courage and a powerful belief in God. He leads his people to Canaan.

The Slave Mother (La Esclava Madre) (soap opera)
The prologue to The Slave Isaura focuses on the terrible story of the light-skinned slave obsessively pursued by Mr. Leoncio.

Moses and the Ten Commandments (Moisés y los Diez Mandamientos) (soap opera)
A retelling of the biblical story of Moses, from his birth to the parting of the Red Sea.

The Miracle of Jesus (Los Milargos de Jesús) (soap opera)
Narrates the difficulties faced by those disadvantaged before receiving the blessings of Jesus.

Victory! (¡Victoria!) (HD series)
12-year-old Arthur falls from a horse at the Atacyr Ferreira Horse Ranch, which renders him tragically paraplegic.


Caso Cerrado (reality format)
Prestigious attorney Ana María Polo serves as a judge and mediator in this courtroom, where she makes the decisions on each plaintiff’s claims.

Guerra De Idolos (musical drama series) (pictured)
Julio Cesar Solar is the music industry’s top-performing star, while his brother Mateo Solar is an up-and-coming composer and producer. In their quest for fame and power, the two discover an unexpected mafia network connected to the music business.

Jenni Rivera: Mariposa De Barrio (biopic series)
Based on the autobiography Unbreakable: My Story, My Way, this biopic recounts Rivera’s life story, from her childhood to her music career.

La Querida Del Centaura 2 (super series)
This series chronicles the drug lord Centauro’s revenge against his former prisoner Yolanda Acosta, and Detective Gerardo Duarte.

Sangre De Mi Tierra (telenovela)
After the death of the eldest Castañeda son, Cristano Castañeda is determined to seek revenge against the Montiel family, whose son, Juan Jose, is in love with Cristano’s daughter, Aurora.

Señora Acero 4 (super series)
This show tells the story of Vicenta Acero, the feared “La Coyote,” who helps immigrants across the U.S. border, and also leads her father’s dynasty of drug traffickers.

Si Sensos Sí Hay Paraíso 2 (drama series)
Catalina Santana is enlisted by the United States government to offer intel on the Colombian mafia.