Madd Entertainment travels to NATPE with a dramatic roster led by A Miracle (pictured), which tells the tale of Ali, an autistic savant medical school graduate who dreams of becoming a surgeon. His godfather is the chief physician at a private hospital and he hires Ali as an assistant doctor in the hospital’s surgical unit. During this time, Ali makes some errors, but he also saves many lives.

In Love Makes You Cry, teenage Ada lives in a remote village serving her mean uncle and invalid aunt since her mother’s death. Ada loses her purse, which contains a letter her mom wrote to her before she died, and her uncle sells her to a petty gangster set on making Ada his wife. Yusuf, an orphan who comes across Ada’s letter, quickly realizes that she’s in dire straits. After a humiliating confrontation with her would-be fiancé, she agrees to run away with Yusuf to Istanbul.

Irfan’s world is turned upside down when he is wrongfully terminated and his son gets sick in The Choice. He soon finds himself on a dark adventure he never could have imagined. Tresor Tower Suite 2-1612

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