Ledafilms will be at the InterContinental with a slate of animated feature films and thrilling action titles.

Miraculous – Ladybug & Cat Noir, Awakening (pictured) tails Ladybug and Cat Noir as they embark on a quest. In Baby Yaga, Egor sets out with his friends to find his young sister, whom he suspects was kidnapped by their nanny.

Animated Playmobil: The Movie follows Marla as she enters a magical portal, turns into a Playmobil figure, and searches for her missing brother. The Queen’s Corgi is a spoiled little dog who mistakenly lands himself in a home with a bunch of tough strays.

Mia and the White Lion chronicles a beautiful friendship that is at risk when Mia learns her pet is in danger. InterContinental, Suite 721

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