Alfred Haber Distribution is coming to MIPCOM with their usual schedule of world-class events, specials, and reality shows.

Foremost of these will be the music industry’s biggest night: the 61st Annual Grammy Awards, which will air in the United States on CBS. The British reality show Shallow Grave (pictured) follows investigators, who piece together clues as to why a murder victim’s body has been transported from the crime scene.

The latest creation of Zak Bagans, Help! My House is Haunted! delves into the investigations of supernatural events that plague family homes. The Elvis ’68 Special: An All-Star Tribute celebrates the 50th anniversary of Elvis Presley’s “Comeback Special.”

Top 20 Funniest counts down the week’s funniest viral videos, home movies, bloopers, and more, while hosts deliver hilarious commentary. Stand P-1.L50