Newly created Madd Entertainment is the focus of this VideoAge installment of pre-MIPCOM reports. In this series, the Water Cooler is highlighting Turkish production and distribution companies.

Madd Entertainment is the joint venture from two of Turkey’s production companies, Medyapim and Ay Yapim. Özlem Özsümbül, director of International Sales, reported on the drama titles the company is bringing to Cannes. “This market is Madd’s first market, but the founders Medyapim and Ay Yapim have a really important and exciting history in Turkish drama exports,” commented Özsümbül.

Madd’s catalog includes My Little Girl, A Litre of Tears, Crash, and a Turkish adaptation of a Warner Bros. drama, with details to come later, possibly during the market. “We also have Super Series, such as Phi and Persona (pictured), which are produced for the PUHU TV-OTT platform in Turkey,” added Özsümbül.

No special events planned for the market. “This time we are fully concentrated on the selling with all the preparations that’s entailed. We are planning to have some special events for the upcoming MIP edition,” Özsümbül said, adding: “We will be attending MIP Cancun, as well.”