Istanbul-based Kanal D presents a wide-ranging library of series filled with passion and drama.

In romantic drama Price of Passion (pictured), Asli is forced to marry a hitman to save her life. The unexpected couple faces a world of corruption and power. When Cemal’s father died, his final wish was for Cemal to find his wealthy uncle so that he may live a better life instead of Tragedy. Set during the age of the Ottoman Empire, period drama Wounded Lovefollows the intertwined tales of a struggling mother, a ruined family, a detached father, and a lovesick man.

Drama series Tales of Innocence tells the story of when Meryem lies to the police to protect her boyfriend, who accidentally hit a woman while driving. In Flames of Desire, blood brothers Bayram and Salih plan to marry off their children to one another, but their kids have other plans. InterContinental, Suite 1618