Istanbul-based Calinos Entertainment carries a catalog that has family dramas and romance series. 

Forbidden Fruit recounts life-changing events for sisters Yildiz and Zeynep. One is enlisted to frame a husband for infidelity while the other begins a new job at a firm. Romantic drama series Our Story (pictured) follows Filiz who is forced to be a surrogate mother to her siblings since her father is an alcoholic.

In Woman, Bahar has lost most of her loved ones: her grandparents, her husband. But when her estranged mother and eccentric sister reappear, Bahar must face the past. Ceylan, a fashion designer for a popular singer, travels to Germany where she meets Korkut. The two feel an immediate connection and start A Love Story in the hope of moving past sorrow and regret. InterContinental, Suite 427

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