Turkey’s ATV carries with it a range of drama and romance series.

In drama series Lifeline (pictured), Tahir meets Nefes, who is being abused by her husband, Vedat. Nefes must escape in order to save her own life, as well as her son’s. A serendipitous romance takes place in Don’t Leave Me when Cansu sends her waitress Zeynep to meet Emre. Zeynep and Emre fall for each other immediately, which conflicts with Arzu’s plans to marry Cansu to Emre.

Torn by Love and Hate, Ali and Mavi begin writing letters to each other, sparking a relationship that breaks down their own personal barriers. Orphan Flowers centers on Eylül, who hopes to recover from her stepfather’s abuse and her mother’s neglect. She lives in an orphanage that is surrounded by the glamour of the rich. InterContinental, Suite 416

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