Boat Rocker Rights has sold over 400 hours of factual and lifestyle series. France’s AB Groupe acquired Xploration Station, which includes Xploration: Awesome PlanetXploration: Outer SpaceXploration: DIY SCI, and Xploration: Nature Knows Best. For the CEE region, AMC obtained Xploration: Outer Space and Nature Knows Best, in addition to Chef Michael’s KitchenI Wrecked My House, and Bake with Anna Olson. France’s RMC Decouverte and Poland’s Spektrum acquired Selling Big, while Spektrum also picked up Hammer & Chew. Sales were made by Digiturk for Bake with Anna Olson; Talit Communications for I Wrecked My HouseAll For Nothing, and Weekend Reno; and Discovery, CEEMEA, for Ice Racer Showdown.

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