Comedian Akmal Saleh will join the voice cast of Australian kid’s TV series The Wild Adventures of Blinky Bill as Blinky’s best friend, Jacko the frill-necked lizard. Produced by Sydney-based Flying Bark Productions, the CGI animated TV series is the latest incarnation of the iconic character, following last year’s Blinky Bill the Movie. The production has been commissioned by Seven for its broadcast channel, 7TWO. Produced in association with Telegael (Ireland) and Giant Wheel (India), the series is slated to air later this year. Set a few years after the feature filmthe television series sees a slightly older Blinky (voiced by Cam Ralph) becoming a defender of his outback home with his best friend, the wisecracking and loveable Jacko (voiced by Akmal Saleh). The duo takes the simplest challenges into epic adventures.

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