In genre-bending series Fairy Godmother, Terrence Howard, Daniel DeLevin and Jeannette Rodriguez star as fairytale characters help downtrodden people in the real world while disguised as humans. In feature film Bereave Me Not, (pictured) fatally ill Garvey has planned to die alone. When his wife, Evelyn, disappears on their anniversary, Garvey must live in order to save her. Documentary The Go-Go Boys explores the rise of creators of Cannon Films, who shook Hollywood’s power structure. Feature film William Kelly’s War focuses on a sniper’s fight to survive during World War I’s Battle of Gallipoli. William, known affectionately as Billy, heads a decorated team trailed by journalist Keith Murdoch. In thriller Blood is Blood, a young girl (Fiona Dorif) enacts revenge after a sudden death. As she finds out dark secrets about her friends and family, her world turns upside down.