Drama series Resurrection (Dirilis: Ertugrul) is set in 1071, when the Turks arrive in Anatolia, and fight against the Crusaders and Mongolians who want the same land. With a team of 400 horses, Ertugrul helps the Turks ultimately create the Ottoman Empire. Drama series Filinta (pictured) begins with a conspiracy against two best friends, and tells a story of justice, brotherhood and friendship. Mustafa and Ali are both orphans and partners in the police service, and are dedicated to each other. In drama series What Happens To My Family, single father and baker Salih has to care for his children by himself after losing his wife. His son meets a girl on a school trip who becomes the love of his life and his biggest nuisance. Miniseries Seddulbahir 32 Hours is a story of resistance during the First World War. Commander Mahmut Sabri leads a fleet of 1,300 soldiers. His unit fights for 32 hours straight to protect their countries and their families. In drama series Yunus Emre, a medieval Turkish poet is faced with the conflict of leaving behind his position and status to undertake a spiritual journey.


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