Entertainment format Ciao Darwin (pictured) has contestants in the categories of men and women, young and old, bourgeoisie and proletariat face off in teams, to determine who will be the fittest for survival. Scripted comedy format Our Crazy Family focuses on three generations of a family try to get along. The series is comprised of individual comedy sketches that can be arranged to fit a broadcaster’s programming schedule. With their instinct and educated guesses, three contestants figure out the occupation, talent or hobby of six strangers and discover surprising truths in entertainment game show Who’s Who? Best Host Ever, an entertainment format, has a celebrity guest host a primetime studio entertainment show off the cuff, conducting interviews and introducing performers and variety acts. Factual entertainment format Matchmaking Kids follows children on a mission to pick a partner for their single parent. The kids select their favorite after a day of activities, a visit to the family home and a series of challenges.


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