Ertugrul seeks to achieve peace between Turks, Crusaders and Mongolians in historical drama Resurrection (Dirilis: Ertugrul), set in 1071. The story of Filinta (pictured) begins with a conspiracy against best friends Mustafa and Ali, both orphans and partners in the police service. Single father and baker Salih has to take care of his children while filling the roles of two parents in drama series What Happens To My Family (Babacandir). Miniseries Seddulbahir 32 Hours tells a story of resistance during the First World War. Commander Mahmut Sabri leads a fleet of 1,300 soldiers, who face off against the invading enemy. Animated series Maysa And Bulut (Maysa Ve Bulut) portrays the lives of the Yuruks, Turkish nomads in Anatolia, featuring their deep connection with nature, introducing Turkish plant and animal species to children along the way. and


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