The American television industry commemorated the victims of the Daesh terrorists in Paris during an event in honor of French television production this past weekend.

At the Fifth Avenue mansion that once belonged to Payne Whitney and now serves as the Cultural Institute of the French Embassy, ​​three French audiovisual associations — the Film Commission, INA, TVFI — along with the all-new TV network France24 organized a cocktail that attracted international television industry executives from Hollywood and from around the world.

In the building foyer, flowers were left in memory of the victims of the Paris attacks, and on the second floor, among the large crowd, were representatives from German, Japanese, Israeli and Canadian television, who came especially for the event.

The cocktail event was followed the next Monday by a breakfast meeting (also held at the same French Cultural Institute), sponsored by the Association of French TV Program Exporters, TVFI, to present new programs from French television production companies.

Pictured are: Olivier-René Veillon, Director General of the French Film Commission; Bénédicte de Montlaur, cultural consul of the French Embassy in the U.S.; Mathieu Bejot, executive director of TV France International and Aurélie Cauchy-Laure, head of International Affairs of France’s National Audiovisual Institute.

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