Separated-at-birth twins Perico and Leonardo live completely different lives in telenovela ¿Quien es Quien? (Who is Who?) In a twist of fate, they swap places and change the lives of everyone around them.

In telenovela Bajo el Mismo Cielo (Under the Same Sky), Carlos works as a gardener in L.A. to support his youngest son. He tries to find happiness despite the hardships of his life, and falls in love with a beautiful and troubled gang member.

Telemundo Superseries are a combination of drama and action, and feature compelling characters and unique settings.

Young Lady Tabares maintains her innocence in a trial that will determine her future in drama series Lady La Vendadora de Rosas (Lady the Rose Seller). As she walks to her trial, she remembers her past: from a childhood selling flowers on the street to starring in an award-winning film.

Gabriela Suarez’s life takes a turn after she falls for Alejandro Beltran in La Patrona (The Return). Gabriela was unjustly locked in a detention center, which she escapes and returns in order to enact her revenge.

Victoria leaves prison, hoping to lead a normal life in Anonima (Anonima). Adjusting to life on the outside is more challenging than she anticipated, and she struggles to survive.


Booth: E29 

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