Bug Ranger, an animated 3D CGI and HD series, revolves around a trio of best friends who learn lessons and have fun together. They live in a perpetual summer, where every night is a carnival.

The biggest battle of all time takes place in 3D CGI HD series Atomicrom. Good and evil face off in the center of the universe: where the world of antimatter meets the world of matter.

Jack Quacker, Penelope O’Quinn, Corky Turtle and others embark on fun and whimsical adventures all while caring for the older members of their community in 2D HD series Adventures in Duckport.

Adapted from R.L. Stevenson’s masterpiece, The Treasure Island adds a new twist to the classic 18th century adventure story. English preteen Jim Hawkins writes down all of his experiences, from his time at sea with Billy Bones to the inn he runs with his mother.

Sissi The Young Empress is the charming young Empress of Austria, who is a free spirit of renowned beauty. This 2D full HD series focuses on her independent nature, her relationships with her lover Franz, and her large family.

Cat Leopold follows a cute cat named Leopold and two seriously naughty mice. The cat and mice play tricks on each other before deciding to live in peace together in this 2D full HD series.

Hikaru is dragged into a series of battles between two rival alien clans in 2D full HD series Nano Invaders. The naïve 11-year-old joins forces with the aliens to save his classmate, without realizing her family is plotting to take over the Earth too!


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