Our summer issue will go to press next week, just in time for the NATPE Europe market followed by the Venice Film Fest, Jornadas and Prix Italia. But until then, the Water Cooler is here to give you a heads up on what to expect, in terms of cover stories, market reviews and more:


“Miami’s Production Facilities Give Europeans Savings, Quality”
More and more LATAM, Hispanic and Anglo U.S. companies are turning to Miami as a viable spot to shoot their TV and film series. It’s cheaper than L.A., and it’s got bi-lingual talent and crew. Now they’re waiting for the Europeans to discover all the above. VideoAge explore what’s in store.

“Never Rewrite a Hit, Unless It’s a Super Format Sequel”
From London, VideoAge polls some of the world’s major format producers to see what’s working, what’s new, and what the next super format (think Got Talent 2.0) could be.

“NATPE Europe: Another CEE Prologue in Prague”
NATPE Europe moved to Prague last year, and this issue, we catch up with NATPE CEO Rod Perth to find out what’s new this year. Expect more Polish companies, free Internet at the hotel headquarters and much more, he said.


“L.A Screenings Review: Organic Market in Dollars and Cents”
The Issue looks at how much the L.A. Screenings cost exhibitors and studios, and how much the organic event makes them. Plus, it reports back on all the parties and goings-on of this year’s event and, perhaps most importantly, next year’s studio’s dates.

“TV Distribution Hall of Fame: Spotlight on Max Gusberti”
The former RAI executive looks back on his career highlights, the international program sales division he created for the Italian state broadcaster and all his numerous productions.

“Creativity, Innovation, Foresight Mark The Fest’s 67-Year Run”
VideoAge catches up with Paolo Morawski, the Prix’s Secretary General, to find out how the event has managed to survive so long, and stay relevant.

“The Holenders’ Multicom: A Tale of Two Generations Running the Same Company”
Irv and Darrin Holender run Multicom Entertainment Group together. Though opposites in some respects, they’ve managed to make their opposing managerial styles work.

“Book Review: The News Sorority”
Author Sheila Weller writes a sometimes dishy biography of the three most powerful women in TV news — Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric and Christiane Amanpour. VideoAge reviews her review.

And as usual, there are international news — covering the priciest cities for travel, Europe’s AV revenue decline, international FTA regulations, Italian TV ratings and more.

Finally, a calendar of events and Dom Serafini’s “My 2 Cents.” This time around he’s babbling (his words) about digital media vs. print media. Take a read to see what he says to say.

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