The season finales have — for the most part — already aired, and now U.S. TV viewers are gearing up for a slew of summer series. While summer used to be the time for re-runs and reality shows, more and more broadcast and cable networks are rolling out new series all year long, summer included. Here are some of the highlights among the new scripted summer series, by premiere date:

Aquarius (premieres May 28)
This NBC series set in 1960sLos Angeles stars David Duchovny as a WWII veteran turned LAPD detective trying to to track down Charles Manson.

The Whispers (premieres June 1)
A mysterious force is playing with the children on this ABC series.

Sense8 (premieres June 5)
Each episode of this Netflix science-fiction series centers on one of eight individuals connected after a death.

Odd Mom Out (premieres June 8 )
Bravo, a network known for catty reality shows, goes the scripted comedy route with this series about an Upper East Side mom.

Dark Matter (premieres June 12)
A Syfy channel drama that follows the crew members of a run-down space ship that is brought out of statis. They have no memories but have to make things work.

Clipped (premieres June 16)
A TBS comedy about former high school classmates working together in a Boston barbershop.

Proof (premieres June 16)
A doctor dealing with personal turmoil is convinced by a dying billionaire techie to look into reincarnation, ghosts and other supernatural scenarios that might prove there is life after death in this TNT drama.

The Astronaut Wives Club (premieres June 18)
This ABC drama follows the wives of astronauts during the early days of spaceflight.

Complications (premieres June 18)
An E.R. doctor gets involved in protecting a boy he saved after a drive-by shooting in this USA series.

Killjoys (premieres June 19)
The Syfy series follows a fun-loving, hard-living trio of interplanetary bounty hunters.

Ballers (premieres June 21)
This comic drama on HBO revolves around the lives of football players.

The Brink (premieres June 21)
This HBO political comedy focuses on heads of the military and government as they try to stop World War III.

Mr. Robot (premieres June 24)
This USA drama is about an anarchist who adds a socially troubled computer programmer to his hacker group.

Humans (premieres June 26)
Based on a Swedish sci-fi series, this AMC drama is set in a world where the next big gadget for any home is a robotic servant.

Zoo (premieres June 30)
This CBS thriller is based on a book by James Patterson, about a country in crisis after a wave of animal attacks against humans.

Scream (premieres June 30)
The popular horror movie franchise comes to television, on MTV.

The Jim Gaffigan Show (premieres July 15)
The stand-up comedian’s real-life — with five kids in a two-bedroom NYC apartment — is the premise for this show on TV Land.

Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll (premieres July 16)
This FX comedy series follows a middle aged rock n’ roller who wants to be rich and famous, but is neither.

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp (premieres July 17)
The cult classic movie is getting a prequel on Netflix, with plenty of its original stars, including Bradley Cooper, Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler.

Significant Mother (premieres August 3)
A Portland, Oregon, chef is stuck between his best bud who’s dating his mother and his father trying to win her back in this drama series.

Mr. Robinson (premieres August 5)
The Office star Craig Robinson stars as a musician who’s moonlighting as a teacher in this NBC series.

Kevin From Work (premieres August 12)
In this ABC Family comedy series, a guy tells his co-worker he’s in love with her, thinking he’s moving away, but things get awkward when his job offer gets rescinded.

Show Me a Hero (premieres August 16)
This HBO miniseries  focuses on a housing crisis in Yonkers during the late 1980s.

Blunt Talk (premieres August 22)
On this Starz series, a British newsman is attempting to make it big on American cable, but it’s just not working out.

Public Morals (premieres August 25)
Set in 1960s NYC, this TNT drama follows a cop  in the Public Morals division who’s trying to stay honest.

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